7 kinds of taboo of injury body in the aspect of eating vegetables

7 kinds of taboo of injury body in the aspect of eating vegetables

Everything in the world there is a law of checks and balances, there are black and white, beauty and ugliness, incense and smelly. Although there are many benefits to eating vegetables, but vegetables is also has both positive and negative sides, after all, everything in the world is not one hundred percent perfect. So we should keep some safety awareness in the aspect of eating vegetables, in addition to stave off hunger and keep in good health, whether it will contain what pernicious taboo? We should have the understanding to these, then you can know how to avoid.

What vegetables should first soak for two hours and then cook?

Fresh Daylily, because contain “Narcissus alkali toxin”, raw food can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms of allergy. So be sure to soak for two hours, then cook with big heat until cooked thoroughly before eating, casually stir-fry after to eat, can easily lead to allergies.
Fresh and golden yellow dried daylily may be processed with sulfur, which can cause food poisoning after eating. So, it is best to use warm boiling water soak for 30 minutes, and then cook it in boiling water for 1 minute, drained water, and then used for cooking, doing so relatively safe.

Can not the people with spleen deficiency or in menstrual eat what vegetables?

Eggplant is a kind of cold nature food, so the people with deficiency-cold in spleen and stomach should not eat more, women should try to eat less before and after menstruation. Overly ripe eggplant may cause poisoning, so it can not be eat. Eggplant contains induced allergic ingredients, eat more will make people nervous instability, allergic constitution of the people do not eat.

Can not the people with having phlegmy and allergic constitution eat what vegetables?

The mucus of Taro will stimulate the throat mucous membrane, may cause increased cough and phlegm more, the people with having phlegmy and allergic constitution should not eat so.

What vegetables can not eat after drinking?

Garlic chives is a kind of warm nature food, if eating too much, will make people dizzy, after drinking, especially not to eat. The people with wind heat type common cold, getting inflamed, measles, tuberculosis, constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases, also should not eat. The fibre of Garlic Chives is relatively coarse, so the people with gastrointestinal tract disease or indigestion can not eat too much every time, otherwise it will uncomfortable bloating.

What vegetables can not eat together with the foods are rich in Calcium?

Spinach contains more oxalic acid, it is easy to form calcium oxalate after eating together with the foods contain high in calcium content, resulting in lithiasis. Therefore, when to eat spinach, should avoid contact with Tofu, black sesame, yogurt and other foods that are high in calcium. Especially people who have been suffering from stones, it is best to avoid eating spinach.

What vegetables chronic gastritis patients can not eat?

The property and flavor of White Radish is cold, is a kind of cold nature food, so the people with deficiency-cold in spleen and stomach, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, simple goiter should not eat more. In addition, white radish will also affect the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, especially eating contains ginseng, Polygonum, rehmannia and other traditional Chinese medicine, should avoid eating white radish.

What vegetables gynecological tumor patient can not eat?

Yam has the role of convergence, the people with constipation or defecating not smooth can not eat, otherwise constipation would be more serious. Often eat yams will promote the body to secrete hormones, beneficial to normal healthy people, however, gynecological tumors (including the uterus, ovaries, breast) patients, as well as male prostate tumors patients can not eat, otherwise it will encourage the growth of tumors.

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