Baked lamb chop with fresh seasonal vegetables

Baked lamb chop with fresh seasonal vegetables

Baked lamb chop with fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Total Time: 40mins
  • >Prep Time: 15mins
  • >Cook Time: 25mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: general
  • Process: baked
  • Kitchenware: oven,pan

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Edible oil
Ground pepper

Main Ingredient:

Lamb chop 500g
Carrots 100g
White Radish 100g
Potatoes 100g
Onions 80g
French beans 50g


1.Lamb chop washed, and take some salt and ground pepper, put in oven.
2.Take 10 minutes with 250℃ to bake, then bake 10 minutes with 200℃.
3.White radish, carrots, and potatoes washed, shredded, cutting off the french beans with 5-6cm length, onions washed and chopped.
4.Carrots, white radish boiled to ready.
5.Potatoes into cold water, after the water boiled to take out and drained water, take edible oil to fry until weak yellow color, and then placed in the oven.
6.Placed in boiling water with a right amount of salt and french beans, take out after cooked and immediately placed in cold water, fried with cream till cooked before to eat.
7.Place the baked lamb chops into the dish, with the pan which have fried lamb chops, add cream and onions to stir fry till fragrant, and then add a little water, thirteen spice and garlic to stir fry for a while, then add a little salt to taste, after filtration, poured into the lamb chops.
8.Put the carrots, white radish, potatoes, french beans near the lamb chops.

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