Eat less fruit, eat more vegetables, more conducive to weight loss

Eat less fruit, eat more vegetables, more conducive to weight loss

Many people think, eat more fruits and vegetables is good for weight loss.But nutrition experts study found that eating a small amount of fruit, eat a lot of vegetables, the better for weight loss.

Because of most obese people diet is not balanced, preference for fried foods, sugary foods and meat, and eating too much, far beyond the body to maintain normal consumption quantity. Therefore, many people in the process of losing weight, will have to control the staple food and meat consumption, so staple food and meat do not dare to eat more.

But at the same time, they eat a lot of fruit, and some even eat two or three kilograms a day, not only didn’t reduce weight, instead of getting fat. This is because the fruit contains large amounts of fructose, heat, and these are more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, the people who lose weight a day should eat a small amount of fruit, and should be chosen such as olives, fresh hawthorn, lemon, plum, pear and other fruits.

However, eating more vegetables is a good way to lose weight. Vegetables contain inorganic salts and vitamins, cellulose, also can fill the stomach, reducing hunger. Therefore, the weight loss should be to eat more vegetables, and preferably before a meal to eat more, helps to reduce the food intake of staple foods.

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