Japan’s latest research of anti-cancer vegetables chart

Japan's latest research of anti-cancer vegetables chart

Japan ranked the list of anti-cancer vegetables

The anti-cancer effects of vegetables has been the research focus of the scientists all over the world. In 1995, the United States of America biologist discovered, eat Broccoli people suffering from colon cancer and lung cancer risk would be much smaller, and british scientists also confirmed the anti-cancer effects of broccoli.

Recently, scientists from the Institute of Japan’s National Cancer Prevention utilize more comprehensive and detailed method to study the anti-cancer effects of vegetables. They conducted a follow-up survey on the eating habits of two hundred and sixty thousand people. Eventually found, vegetables certainly has some anti-cancer effect, and form high to low ranking of the 20 kinds of vegetables which have significant inhibitory effects on tumor cells, they are: cooked Sweet Potato, raw sweet potato, Asparagus, broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant peel, sweet pepper, Carrots, day lily, shepherd’s purse, tomato, Leeks, Garlic, Cucumber and chinese cabbage.

Vegetables has always been regarded as an important source of vitamins and trace elements in the human body. But in recent years, studies have indeed found that there are some plant chemicals in vegetables, can play a certain inhibitory effect to carcinogens and cancer-promoting factor, thus better cancer prevention.

The anti-cancer effect of different vegetable are not identical

However, different vegetables, and the prevention of cancer is also different. This time, the Institute of Japan’s National Cancer Prevention made a distinction between the anti-cancer function of vegetables in the anti-cancer vegetables ranking.

The sweet potato can prevent colon cancer, breast cancer. The scientists have discovered the sweet potato contains a chemical called dehydroepiandrosterone can be used for the prevention of colon cancer and breast cancer.

Tomato can prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer. The researchers noted that lycopene in Tomatoes can promote the secretion of cytokines that has anti-cancer effect, can activate lymphocytes killing effect on cancer cells. At the same time, research shows that adequate intake of lycopene can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer, breast cancer and other cancers, and also have a preventive effect on gastric cancer, lung cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables can prevent stomach cancer. Broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolates glucoside compounds, it can induce the body to generate a detoxification enzymes. Regular consumption can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer.

In addition, garlic can prevent colon cancer, the carrot can reduce lung cancer rates.

Diet with a balanced is the key

These vegetables have a great effect on the prevention of the occurrence of various types of cancer, especially gastric cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer. Although the different vegetables have different anticancer effect, but also can not eat only one. The correct way to eat vegetables, the most important thing is the balanced diet. To eat a variety of vegetables every day, so that they can play a long-term role in cancer prevention.

However, people eat vegetables is not only anti-cancer, more important is the absorption of nutrients beneficial. If the body appears the sign of cancer, should go to the hospital in time to diagnosis, and adjust the diet in the doctor’s advice.

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