Cowpeas salad

Cowpeas salad

The tender pod of cowpeas can stir-fry, salad or pickle, seeds can be instead of grain or do stuffing. It is rich in nutrients, is one of the main vegetables in summer and autumn. Cowpeas salad taste crisp, rich fragrant of Garlic, sweet and sour, I believe you will eat it again and again.

Cowpeas salad
  • Total Time: 20mins
  • >Prep Time: 10mins
  • >Cook Time: 10mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Process: boiled,salad
  • Kitchenware: wok

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Edible oil
Sesame oil
White granulated sugar
Oyster sauce
Red pepper

Main Ingredient:



Cowpeas salad Step 1 Step one:Cowpeas washed and cut into sections.
Cowpeas salad Step 2 Step two:Garlic chopped, red pepper cut into circles, then add a little salt.
Cowpeas salad Step 3 Step three:Add a appropriate amount white granulated sugar.
Cowpeas salad Step 4 Step four:Add a little vinegar.
Cowpeas salad Step 5 Step five:Add a appropriate amount sesame oil.
Cowpeas salad Step 6 Step six:Mix evenly the seasoning sauce.
Cowpeas salad Step 7 Step seven:Take a wok, add enough water to boil.
Cowpeas salad Step 8 Step eight:Put the prepared cowpeas into the boiling water, then add a drops of edible oil.
Cowpeas salad Step 9 Step nine:To boil.
Cowpeas salad Step 10 Step ten:Remove and drained water.
Cowpeas salad Step 11 Step eleven:The cowpeas into a dish, placed neatly.
Cowpeas salad Step 12 Step twelve:The prepared seasoning sauce poured on top.


The time cowpeas in boiling water can not too longer, so as not to affect the taste.

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