Lotus root salad

Lotus root salad

Into the summer, many people have said there is no appetite, do not want to eat, too lazy to move. Don’t want to cook, not to eat greasy food, naturally, salad will become essential dishes in this season.

Lotus root salad
  • Total Time: 20mins
  • >Prep Time: 10mins
  • >Cook Time: 10mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: general
  • Process: boiled
  • Kitchenware: pan

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Sesame oil
White granulated sugar

Main Ingredient:

Lotus root


Lotus root salad Step 1 Step one:Lotus root peeled and sliced.
Lotus root salad Step 2 Step two:The lotus root which has been sliced placed in boiling water and cook for one to two minutes.
Lotus root salad Step 3 Step three:Remove the lotus root, and put into cold water to cool.
Lotus root salad Step 4 Step four:The water which has just been used to boil lotus root do not throw away, you can pour them into a bowl, then put some white granulated sugar so that it becomes a delicious lotus root water, it can relieve inflammation or internal heat and maintain beauty.
Lotus root salad Step 5 Step five:Take a big bowl, put the lotus root into the bowl, and then in turn add the appropriate amount salt, white granulated sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and mix well.

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