Peas fried eggplant

Peas fried Eggplant

Peas fried eggplant
  • Total Time: 15mins
  • >Prep Time: 10mins
  • >Cook Time: 5mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: general
  • Process: stir-fried
  • Kitchenware: wok

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Salt 2g
Edible oil
Chives 15g
Light soy sauce 30g
Chicken essence
White granulated sugar
Soup-stock 50g
Ginger 10g
Garlic 25g

Main Ingredient:

Eggplant 350g
Peas 50g


1.Eggplant washed and peeled, cut it into 3cm size of diamond blocks.
2.Chives chopped, , garlic chopped and made into mashed garlic.
3.Take a bowl, add appropriate amount of light Soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, white granulated sugar, soup-stock and mix well, made into seasoning sauce.
4.Take a wok, Put the edible oil into the wok, when the edible oil arrives half of heat, add eggplant pieces, after the color change to golden yellow, take out and set aside.
5.Add edible oil to the wok and heating, then add chopped chives and sliced ginger to stir fry till fragrant.
6.Add fresh peas to the wok till cooked, then add eggplant, seasoning sauce just ready to stir fry with big fire for a while, take out and put it into the plate, and sprinkle with mashed garlic.

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