Spinach salad

Spinach salad

Spinach salad is a delicious recipes, main raw materials are spinach, this dish nutritious, tasty, is a delicious dish in summer. The stems and leaves of spinach is soft, tender, delicious, rich in Vitamin C, carotene, protein, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and other minerals. It has anti-aging, promote cell proliferation, both activation of brain function, increase vigor, helps prevent aging of the brain and so on.

I do not like to eat spinach before, because I think the taste of spinach is strange, but later found blanching after, the taste really refreshing fragrance and more. The part of spinach root has also nutritious, but we are often ignored and discarded, so when I was doing this dish only to cut off the beard, did not cut off the roots. Of course, this depends on personal taste, not like the roots, then the roots can also be removed.

Spinach salad
  • Total Time: 15mins
  • >Prep Time: 10mins
  • >Cook Time: 5mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: general
  • Process: boiled,salad
  • Kitchenware: pan

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Edible oil
Light soy sauce
Aromatic Vinegar
Chicken essence
Sesame oil
White granulated sugar
Dry vermicelli

Main Ingredient:



Spinach salad Step 1 Step one:Ready various ingredients.
Spinach salad Step 2 Step two:Dry vermicelli into water to soak until soft.
Spinach salad Step 3 Step three:Remove rotten leaves in spinach and washed.
Spinach salad Step 4 Step four:Garlic chopped, peanuts crushed into particles with the back of a knife blade.
Spinach salad Step 5 Step five:Take a pan, add enough water to boil, put prepared vermicelli to cook until cooked.
Spinach salad Step 6 Step six:Turn off the heat, remove and cut into sections, soaked in cold water to avoid sticking together.
Spinach salad Step 7 Step seven:Add a little edible oil and white granulated sugar, re-boil, put prepared spinach into the boiling water.
Spinach salad Step 8 Step eight:When the spinach becomes soft and then immediately remove.
Spinach salad Step 9 Step nine:The spinach cut into almost equal length.
Spinach salad Step 10 Step ten:Take a big bowl, add just prepared spinach, vermicelli, peanut, garlic, light Soy sauce, aromatic vinegar, chicken essence, sesame oil, white granulated sugar and stir evenly.


1.Spinach can not directly eat, because it contains more oxalic acid which will hinder the body’s absorption of calcium. Therefore, when you eat spinach, must use boiling water boiled, then do other processing
2.The traditional method is to add oil and salt when blanching spinach, actually this is not science. Because salt can make vegetables dehydration, a little longer will lead vegetables drooping. So here using white granulated sugar, sugar is a kind of natural preservative, natural to extend the green time of vegetable.
3.Garlic can not cut too broken. Because if you do this, the smell of garlic will be too large, will cover the flavor of other ingredients.

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