Tofu in casserole

Tofu in casserole

Tofu casserole made ​​by outside is just so so, nothing inside, why not try it by yourself? You can also add your favorite vegetables and cooked food. Very nice, good taste + adequate nutrition. The key point is not to gain weight!!!

Tofu in casserole
  • Total Time: 20mins
  • >Prep Time: 10mins
  • >Cook Time: 10mins
  • Taste: delicate flavour
  • Difficulty: general
  • Process: boiled
  • Kitchenware: casserole

Auxiliary Ingredient:

Ground pepper
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil

Main Ingredient:

Baby Corn


1.At first, garlic chopped made into minced garlic, cut the tofu and carrots into small pieces, along with baby corn, into the casserole, then add water (if there is soup-stock, will be better) and flooded over tofu and vegetables (especially if you like drinking soup, of course, you can add some soup ), Onions and Ginger depends on what you like or not , then cook slowly over medium heat.
2.When carrots change to soften then put ham, ground pepper, light Soy sauce and your favorite spices into it, take low heat and cook till soup boiling.
3.When soup almos boiling, you can put the sprouts, Spinach, Lettuce, or you can also put easily cooked vegetables into them, when the color of vagetables change immediately turn off the heat.
4.Finally, sprinkle with minced garlic, pour with a little sesame oil.


If you want to make perfect, you need to select your favorite tofu (such as ordinary tofu, plate tofu or frozen tofu), and then pick some vegetables and cooked food: carrots, baby corn, bean sprouts, ham or something, as long as the nutrition which we need is a good match.

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