Summer nourish “cool cool salad” for side dishes

Summer nourish "cool cool salad" for side dishes

In the heat of summer, the sunshine like a ball of fire, the ground of hot rises, the climate is getting hot. correspondence between man and universe, the heart matches fire. In summer, the body’s internal heat up, usually manifests itself dry throat, dry mouth, mouth sores and others symptom. The sweat is a kind of liquid of the heart, so the evil of summer-heat is the most easy to hurt the heart. Therefore, In summer, mainly nourish the health of heart. Then, the following “cool cool salad” is the best choice for you.

Cowpeas salad

Cowpeas salad

The tender pod of Cowpeas can stir-fry, salad or pickle, seeds can be instead of grain or do stuffing. It is rich in nutrients, is one of the main vegetables in summer and autumn. Cowpeas salad taste crisp, rich fragrant of Garlic, sweet and sour, I believe you will eat it again and again.

Spinach salad

Spinach salad

Spinach salad is a delicious recipes, main raw materials are spinach, this dish nutritious, tasty, is a delicious dish in summer. The stems and leaves of spinach is soft, tender, delicious, rich in Vitamin C, carotene, protein, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and other minerals. It has anti-aging, promote cell proliferation, both activation of brain function, increase vigor, helps prevent aging of the brain and so on.

I do not like to eat spinach before, because I think the taste of spinach is strange, but later found blanching after, the taste really refreshing fragrance and more. The part of spinach root has also nutritious, but we are often ignored and discarded, so when I was doing this dish only to cut off the beard, did not cut off the roots. Of course, this depends on personal taste, not like the roots, then the roots can also be removed.

Fresh bitter gourd - refreshing salad season

Fresh bitter gourd – refreshing salad season

The hot summer days, people are very easy to get angry, not only hurt the kidney, but also hurt the stomach, often feeling tired and sleepy, experts recommend the Bitter gourd is the most suitable for the summer to eat one of melon vegetables. It contains low in calories, also has the effect of inhibiting fat absorption, detumescence, heat-removing and detoxification. It also help enhance immunity, lower blood sugar, fight cancer and tumors. So despite its appearance does not look good, taste is not very good, but because it can be refreshing release fatigue, stimulate the appetite, helps digestion, so there are still a lot of people love it.

For the beauty of women, bitter gourd has a good effect in reducing fat, it contains bitter elements, this is known as “Fat Killer” which is a super-efficient weight loss agent. Seeing this, I am sure you would like to try it!

Shredded asparagus lettuce salad

Shredded asparagus lettuce salad

Asparagus lettuce has the effect of reducing fever and causing diuresis, promoting lactation. It help also promote the body’s metabolism, with the role of clearing liver, suitable for post-natal consumption. Mothers during pregnancy, and if in the summer, poor appetite, you can also try this simple salad, fresh and slightly acidic, very suitable for the discerning special period.

Shredded radish salad

Shredded radish salad

The White Radish is called “small ginseng”, also have “winter to eat Carrots, summer eating Ginger, you do not need to see a doctor” saying. Thus it can be seen that white radish health therapeutic efficacy has long been popular. Use white radish cooking, there are many ways, take it easy, whether stew, braised, fried dishes, salad, all of them are delicious, I love it so much that I can eat it again and again.

Chicken salad celery

Chicken salad celery

Celery is rich in nutrition, containing protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Zinc, etc., and chicken meat contains protein, fat, thiamine, riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin A, vitamin C, cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients.

Celery has certain pharmacological and therapeutic value. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that celery has a lower blood pressure, lipid-lowering effect. Because of their roots, stems, leaves and seeds can be used as medicine, so it is also called “kitchen medicine”, “medicine celery”. Because higher levels of calcium and phosphorus in celery, so it has a certain role of sedative and protect the blood vessels, and can also enhance the bone, prevention of infantile rickets.

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