Salad vegetables need to know these knowledge
Tag: Cauliflower
05/29/2013  Secret of Vegetables  3 Comments
Summary: Vegetable salads are very popular dishes, but eating raw vegetables, the best choice for those pollution-free green vegetables or organic vegetable, the production of vegetables in soilless cultivation conditions, you can rest assured raw. As long as wash clean, these vegetables you can eat...[more]
Cauliflower fungus fried sausage
Tag: Cauliflower
05/19/2013  Stir-fry Vegetables  2 Comments
Summary: Cauliflower fungus fried sausage Total Time: 20mins >Prep Time: 10mins >Cook Time: 10mins Taste: delicate flavour Difficulty: simple Process: stir-fried Kitchenware: wok Auxiliary Ingredient: Chives Day lily Salt Edible...[more]
Tag: Cauliflower
05/01/2013  Fall Vegetables, Seasonal Vegetables, Vegetable Varieties  No comments
Summary: Cauliflower is cruciferous plants, annuals, native to the eastern Mediterranean coast. Leaves grown in the root, stem and branch grown in the leaves, stems covered with small grain composition tree flower, the whole is like a flower, rendered as white, beautiful appearance. Cauliflower is...[more]
Japan's latest research of anti-cancer vegetables chart
Tag: Cauliflower
04/15/2013  Secret of Vegetables  1 Comment
Summary: Japan ranked the list of anti-cancer vegetables The anti-cancer effects of vegetables has been the research focus of the scientists all over the world. In 1995, the United States of America biologist discovered, eat broccoli people suffering from colon cancer and lung cancer risk would be...[more]


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