Burdock Root

Burdock is a biennial herb, high 1 ~ 2m, stems erect, with purple, upside is much more branches. Basal leaves tufted, large-shaped, with a long handle, cauline leaves broadly ovate or cordate, length 40 ~ 50cm, width 30 ~ 40cm, edge of the microwave or serrulate, base cordate, densely white pubescent below. Capitulum majority, arranged in corymbose, the involucre spherical, bracts lanceolate, apex with a short hook, flower pink, all is tubular. Achenes ellipsoid, angulate, taupe, crested short setae. Flowering from June to July, fruit period from 7 to August.

Burdock fiber can promote bowel movements, help defecation, lower cholesterol, reduce the toxins and waste accumulate in the body, to prevent stroke and prevention and treatment of gastric cancer and uterine cancer effect. Western medicine thinks it has a diuretic, removing food retention, eliminating phlegm and other pharmacological effects, but also can be used for constipation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol diet therapy. Can be used for wind-heat type common cold, cough with abundance of phlegm, measles and rubella, swelling and pain in throat. Research shows that, burdock has obvious lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, tonifying kidney and tonifying Yang, relaxing bowel effect. Burdock also can inhibit cancer cell growth and proliferation, as well as the removal of heavy metals in the water. The modern authority Pharmacopoeia the pharmacological effects of burdock is summarized in three aspects: the growth-promoting effect, can inhibit tumor growth material, has antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Burdock root contains a variety of essential amino acids, and the content is high, especially high content of amino acid having a specific pharmacological effects. For example, aspartic acid accounted for 25% ~ 28% of total amino acid, arginine accounted for 18% ~ 20%, and containing Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn and other essential macro elements and trace elements, its polyphenols have anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic effect, which has a high nutritional value and a wide range of pharmacological activity.

Burdock stems and leaves contain volatile oil, tannins, phlegmatic, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, iso-chlorogenic acid etc.. Burdock fruit contains a variety of chemical components of the burdock glycosides, fatty oils, sterols, thiamine, burdock phenol, wherein the fatty oil accounted for 25% to 30%, an Iodine value of 138.83 can be used for industrial oils. Pharmacological experiments show that burdock glucoside have the function of the expansion of blood vessels, lower blood pressure, anti-bacterial, can treat hot cold, swelling and pain in throat, mumps and other diseases, as well as anti-Alzheimer’s.

Nutrition Information:

Burdock root, raw
Unit Value
per 100.0g
Water g 80.09
Energy kcal 72
Protein g 1.53
Total lipid (fat) g 0.15
Carbohydrate, by difference g 17.34
Fiber, total dietary g 3.3
Sugars, total g 2.90
Calcium, Ca mg 41
Iron, Fe mg 0.80
Magnesium, Mg mg 38
Phosphorus, P mg 51
Potassium, K mg 308
Sodium, Na mg 5
Zinc, Zn mg 0.33
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 3.0
Thiamin mg 0.010
Riboflavin mg 0.030
Niacin mg 0.300
Vitamin B-6 mg 0.240
Folate, DFE µg 23
Vitamin B-12 µg 0.00
Vitamin A, RAE µg 0
Vitamin A, IU IU 0
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 0.38
Vitamin D (D2 + D3) µg 0.0
Vitamin D IU 0
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 1.6
Fatty acids, total saturated g 0.025
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 0.037
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated g 0.059
Cholesterol mg 0
Caffeine mg 0
Tips: For more detailed information, please visit the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Center.

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