What is stir-fry? How to stir fry?

What is stir-fry? How to stir fry?

The stir-fry is a very interesting cooking techniques and processes. I enjoyed the rest of the time on weekends, study cooking skills to cook a few dishes for myself, and then drink some wine, that feeling really really happy.

The stir-fry process is probably as follows

A traditional round-bottom carbon steel or cast Iron pan called a wok that is heated to a high temperature, then appropriate amount of edible oil (such as rapeseed oil, peanut oil, Corn oil, salad oil or so on) is poured down the side of the wok (this process is called “hot wok, cold oil”), followed by seasonings vegetable (including Garlic and Ginger, according to need can also add Leeks), then at the first moment the fragrance of seasonings can be smelled, meats are added to the wok. Once the meat is seared almost, vegetables along with liquid ingredients (for example often including premixed combinations of Light soy sauce (or Dark soy sauce), Vinegar, Cooking wine, salt, white granulated sugar, cornstarch and so on) are added. The wok then may be covered with a lid for a moment so that the water in the liquid ingredients can become the new ingredients as it steams off. In order to keep the meat juicy, usually a kitchener would take the almost seared meat out before vegetables are added, and then put the meat back before vegetables are done. In some dishes, different components may be stir-fried separately before being combined in the final dish (for example, the chef desires the taste of the stir-fried vegetables and meats to remain distinct), if the cooking conditions are inadequate.

Some dishes that require more time are cooked by adding appropriate amount of water after the stirring, and then the wok is covered with a lid. As soon as steam starts to come out from under the lid so as to ensure that it is fully cooked, the dish is basically ready.

The various components of dishes are stirred and tossed out very quickly using cooking utensils. Sometime, chef will lift the wok to the side to let the flame light the edible oil or add a little of cooking wine to give the dish extra flavor. By using this method, many dishes can be cooked extremely quickly (within a minute).

This cooking method, people can easily learn. However, it is not easy that dishes are stir-fried to be fresh and moderate, light and refreshing. Do not think that stir fry a dish is a very simple thing, in fact, there are many skills need to pay attention to, otherwise, the stir-fried dish is not beautiful, may also do not taste good, are more likely to make vegetable yellowing black. But, don’t worry, as long as follow some basic considerations in the stir-fry process, plus a little bit of research spirit, I believe you will certainly be able to stir fry out of your own favorite dishes.

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